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The ultraLDV is the first of the next-generation probes from MSE featuring an all-inclusive probe body, proprietary hardware processor (Processing Engine) with USB interface, laser, and receiving optics and electronics.

As with the miniLDV, the ultraLDV is pre-aligned and calibrated at the factory—no user alignment is necessary. The complete system is about the size of a shoe box. The standard measurement distances available are 100, 300, and 400 mm*.

In concept, the ultraLDV is like the miniLDV, but the implementation is different. The ultraLDV features larger receiver optics (4 to 9 times more light) and ultra-stable frequency shifting. It was designed from the beginning for extremely high stability and precision, making it ideal for measuring small velocity disturbances in flows. The ultraLDV’s shifting frequency stability is 99.98% and the accuracy in the measurement is 99.8%**.

mse-system-ultraLDVThe ultraLDV System consists of the ultraLDV probe with integrated Processing Engine and the 1D Burst Processor Acquisition Manager software package. Optionally available are linear traversing systems (one or two axes) with manual or electronic drive (electronic traverses are controlled from within the software) and a computer with the software installed and verified by MSE technicians. All the optics, electronics, and processing is incorporated into a single housing. The probe simply connects to a host computer via a USB 2.0 interface. If the standard probes do not suit your needs, feel free to contact us and inquire about custom solutions.

*These distances are measured in air. When aimed into an experimental vessel with a different fluid, the probe volume will be farther from the probe and it will be slightly larger. Please refer to the specifications at left for examples.
**Results from real tests on a solid surface.

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