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A close-up view of the Surface Length Velocimeter sensor by Measurement Science

Revolutionizing Solid Surface Measurements: Introducing the SLV Sensor

Measurement Science Enterprise presents the Surface Length Velocimeter (SLV), an innovative sensor in the realm of non-contact measurement technology. With its exceptional capacity to gauge the speed and length of dynamic surfaces, as well as oversized particles such as sand and other abrasive materials, the SLV has carved its niche as an indispensable tool in various manufacturing industries from textiles to extrusions, with many research applications as well. This pioneering sensor encapsulates an array of components within its compact housing, including the light source, finely tuned optics, adept detectors, and cutting-edge processing electronics, all orchestrated harmoniously to deliver precise and reliable measurements.

Integrated Precision

The draw of the SLV lies in proprietary technology that has produced a sensor that is both compact and rugged, while boasting unparalleled accuracy in measuring the speed and length of moving surfaces. One feature of this engineering prowess: the SLV sensor remains permanently aligned and calibrated, a testament to MSE’s unwavering commitment to excellence in user-friendly design. The integrated processor and housing keep the profile and space requirements to minimum, making seamless integrating into existing assemblies a breeze.

Beyond Boundaries: Multi-Dimensional Velocity Measurements

One of the standout features that distinguishes the SLV sensor is its versatility. Its capabilities extend beyond merely measuring length and speed to encompass the capacity for directional velocity detection. This impressive feature allows for accurate measurement of two-dimensional movement, as well as detection of dynamically changing directions, including motions that reverse their course. This adaptability renders the SLV sensor an asset across many sectors, from manufacturing and materials processing to research and development.

Compact Brilliance

In a market teeming with options, the SLV sensor shines as a true trailblazer. Its distinguishing factor is its miniature footprint, rendering it the smallest sensor of its kind available. This compact size is not just about aesthetics; it makes the sensor a prime candidate for installations where space is a premium, enabling integration into setups that were once deemed unfeasible.

A Culmination of Innovation

The SLV sensor is not just a tool; it’s a transformational asset that empowers industries, researchers, and professionals across the board.

A scale comparison of the SLV Surface Length Velocimeter by MSE next to a pencil, demonstrating the compact and small size of the sensor.
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