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A low-cost LDV option for wind tunnel and water tunnel flow speed monitoring.

The mini LDV G5B by MSE, shown with a pencil for scale.

Flow monitoring made simple. Intended for accurate and reliable flow speed monitoring of wind and water tunnels.

Developed for subsonic flow monitoring of wind and water tunnels, the G5B model is designed to be easily integrated into a flow tunnel set-up, and provide accurate flow speed monitoring, mean, and turbulence intensity. The G5B is ideal for calibrating anemometers for meteorological stations. Available with a 100 mm standoff or 300 mm standoff, the G5B is delivered in a durable Pelican case for transporting to multiple tunnels, and for safe storage of the sensor when not in use.

Advantages of the miniLDV G5B

  • NIST traceable calibration offered
  • Provides flow speed measurement, speed-time histogram, mean, and rms.
  • No calibration required by the end-user
  • No alignment required for the life of the sensor
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Portable, delivered in a sturdy Pelican case for transporting and storing
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