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The G5X-1200 offers the same ease of use as the classic miniLDV sensor, with a working distance of 1.2 meters. A highly efficient optics design, along with high-power, solid-state diode lasers have resulted in high signal strength for all ranges of flow speeds up to supersonic flows.

The LDV design of the G5X is based on patented technology for the accurate measurement of two velocity components. The probe is permanently aligned and calibrated, requiring no alignment or calibration by the user for the life of the system. Automated 3-D velocity profiles within a 3-D volume is achieved by combining 1-D probe, 2-D probe, and 3-D traverse systems.

The G5X is lightweight and portable, requires no alignment or calibration adjustment, and MSE provides the turnkey software with a lifetime of free upgrades.

Advantages of the G5X-1200

  • Available in 1D and 2D configurations
  • Back scatter collection optics requiring no alignment
  • No calibration required
  • Two, high-power diode lasers
  • High optical efficiency
  • PMT detectors for high speed applications
  • Smallest integrated housing available on the market
  • Small, lightweight Processing Engine incorporating the detectors, high speed filter banks, and two FFT-based processors
  • Optional 3D traversing system for automated volumetric velocity profiles
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