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The G5L models offer an extended working distance, with the reliability and ease of use of the miniLDV.

Like the classic miniLDV, the G5L models are self-contained and permanently aligned, making set-up easy to complete in a matter of minutes. The 2D G5L integrates two 1D probes with frequency shifting into a single unit with permanently co-located probe volumes. The 1D and 2D probes require no alignment or calibration, need no prior experience for set-up, and are ideal for research and commercial applications.

Advantages of the G5L Series

  • Makes accurate measurement of fluids of varying temperature, pressure, and density
  • Computer controlled 1-, 2-, and 3-axis traversing system
  • 2D and 3D automated profile measurement options available
  • Battery-operated option
  • Waterproof and temperature resistant housing option
  • Frequency shifting feature allows measurement of direction along with speed
  • Reduction lens option: screw-on lens to reduce standoff by up to 40%
The mini LDV G5L by Measurement Science with a pencil for scale.

1D G5L

The  1D G5L  probe contains a laser, miniature beam shaping optics, and receiving and detection optics. The system includes a G5L probe and the Processing Engine which houses the driver electronics, band-pass filter, and BP-miniLDV acquisition hardware and processing software.

Brochure (.PDF)
Side profile view of the miniLDV G5L 2D velocimeter by Measurement Science


The 2D G5L LDV system with a 500 mm standoff (other options available) contains two high power diode lasers, miniature beam shaping optics, and receiving and detection optics. The 2D G5L System includes the single, integrated 2D probe, dual processing engines housed in a single Processing Engine enclosure, and a multidimensional version of MSE’s Burst Processor Acquisition Manager software. With the optional computerized traverses, setting up a flow-mapping experiment for unattended acquisition is quick and simple.

Brochure (.PDF)
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