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The LCA, Laser Cantilever Anemometer, by MSE.

The 2D-LCA, a versatile, precise, and wireless two-dimensional Laser Cantilever Anemometer (LCA) system, is the latest in LCA technology offered from Measurement Science Enterprise.

The 2D-LCA is an innovative anemometer for two-dimensional measurements of wind velocities at high spatial and temporal resolutions. Its measurement technique uses a micro-structured cantilever that is used as a flow body. The bending of the cantilever due to the flow of the medium, is detected by means of laser lever principal.

The 2D-LCA is lightweight and portable, requires little alignment or calibration adjustment, and MSE provides the turnkey software with a lifetime of free upgrades.

Advantages of the 2D-LCA

  • Simultaneous measurement of two wind-speed components
  • Frequency response up to 150 kHz
  • High spatial and temporal resolution
  • Interference-protected optical method
  • lightweight and portable

Compared to Hot Wire

  • More robust
  • Less frequent calibration requirements
  • Works as well in water and in air
  • Throw away your Hot Wire!
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