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3D miniLDV
Long-Distance Probes

Our Sensors

MSE specializes in miniaturized optical sensors with three universal characteristics: minimum size, minimum weight, and minimum power consumption. We offer a complete line of Laser Doppler Velocimetry systems with unequaled compactness and ease of use.

Laser Doppler Velocimeters (LDV), also referred to as Laser Doppler Anemometers (LDA), are interferometric sensors for measuring the velocity of fluids (gases or liquids) as well as solids (typically surfaces, though it’s possible to measure through—or into—transparent objects.

Unlike our competitors’, MSE’s probes are extremely easy to use because they do not require any complicated alignment after manufacturing and are the smallest, lightest, and lowest-power-consumption sensors currently available for optical speed measurement. All three sensor types can measure speed as well as direction, but each is tuned for a specific measurement distance.

 The miniLDV and ultraLDV sensors are the world’s most compact systems and are world-renowned for their ease of use. The ultraLDV is designed for applications where sensitivity and precision are of utmost importance.

The standard miniLDV may not suit every application’s requirements. When a longer standoff distance is required, MSE offers a range of long-distance probes, including the G5L and G5X models.

The microPro was designed specifically to fill a gap in boundary layer profilometry. The microPro probe contains a laser, miniature beam shaping optics, receiving optics, detection system, and an electronic traverse.

Throw away your Hot Wires! The 2D-LCA is an innovative anemometer for two-dimensional measurements of wind velocities at high spatial and temporal resolutions.

A miniPIV system is a great complement to the above sensors and offers a wide range of fields of view.

The microV is another MSE exclusive and is the smallest velocity sensor of its type. Using holographic beam shaping technology it is able to create two thin laser sheets from a single source and perform time-of-flight measurements of microscopic particles.

The microS sensor, which has since been discontinued, was able to measure wall shear stress thanks to its unique holographic beam shaping technology. This created a diverging fan of laser beams from a single source.

The miniPCS is a compact, self-contained system for the measurement of particle size. It has been used in many aerial field tests and can even tell when the coffee break occurred during a conference!

Particle Statistics

The miniPCS™ is a particle sizer/counter based on Mie scattering theory, able to measure particle size over a wide range. Its built-in acquisition electronics make it especially suitable for field tests.

Flow Facilities

The flowLab™ is a table-top-sized water tunnel, perfect for small research projects, expositions, and classroom demonstrations.

Solid Surface Length and Speed Measurement

MSE now offers sensors intended for industrial applictions in production line monitoring. Introducing the SLV : Surfacle Length Velocimeter Sensor

SensorMeasurement distance (Air)Application
miniLDV / Integrated miniLDV33, 50, 100, 150, 240 mmvelocity measurement
2D miniLDV50, 100, 150, 240 mm2D velocity measurement
3D miniLDV100, 150, 240 mm3D velocity measurement
Long Distance Probes400, 500, 600, 750, 1200 mm1D, 2D, 3D velocity measurement in fluids
ultraLDV150 mmvelocity (with small fluctuations)
microPro15 mmBoundary layer profiles; shear stress in fluids
microV7.4 mmvelocity measurement in fluids
microS75 μm, 135 μmwall shear stress in fluids
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