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For years MSE has been providing its customers with the smallest sensors available in the industry. Now MSE has applied its specialty in miniaturization to the data acquisition system with its proprietary hardware burst processor, simply named the MSE Processing Engine.

Processing EngineThe Processing Engine combines the driver electronics, band-pass filter, and PCI acquisition card into one device, providing a USB 2.0 connection to the host computer and easy-to-use Burst Processor Acquisition Manager software for acquiring data and managing profile acquisitions. This means that, not only is the probe small, but so is the support system, making Processing Engine enabled sensor systems the smallest complete systems currently available in the market. But the Processing Engine does not sacrifice performance—the hardware is capable of processing over 10,000 samples per second, and the software can record results to disk and display live statistics at this rate. Processing Engine enabled systems are currently available for the miniLDV, 2D miniLDV, 3D miniLDV, and microPro, and are built into the housings of the ultraLDV and Integrated miniLDV probes.

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